These are strange days. It constantly feels as though we’re living in a movie or having a bad dream that we can’t wake up from. This worldwide pandemic is scary and heartbreaking. It’s crippled entire countries overnight and killed thousands. It’s not the flu. It’s not anything to laugh at or be pushed aside. I’m urging everyone to stay safe. Make the sacrifices, cancel everything, remain in the bubble of only people you live with, go to the stores as sparingly as possible, wash your hands, sanitize, sanitize, sanitize! I promise it will be worth it when this is all over. The sooner we can all follow the rules, the sooner we can all hopefully go back to our regular lives. Nothing going on in your life right now is more important than your health and the health of others. Unless you’e a healthcare worker or work in essential services – PLEASE STAY HOME.

I believe once this ends we will all appreciate the little things and personal contact that much more. We will hopefully slow down, take a step back, and take less for granted. I think eventually the world will heal and be even more beautiful than it was before.


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