Month: January 2020

Bye for now!


As many of you already know, I’ve taken a step back from custom orders and slowed down with the business this past year. I have run this little business for over 10 years now. Working 16+ hour days every day was my standard – in fact it wasn’t uncommon for me to pull multiple all nighters in a row because the perfectionist in me wouldn’t let me stop. I saw so many clients from birthdays to engagements, wedding showers & stags to weddings, baby showers to kid’s parties. It’s been honour to be a part of so many of your milestones and traditions – I have absolutely LOVED it! However I noticed I was missing out on a lot of these special moments in my own life because I was always working. I’ve now come to a point in my life where I need to shake things up! I still love what I do and am passionate about caking – but I also need to focus on the health and happiness of myself and the people in my life. For this reason, I made the difficult decision to temporarily shut down WPFP while I revamp and come up with a new plan of attack. I’m currently honing my skills in some different aspects of the baking world – challenging myself daily and trying new things. Right now it’s fun to have a change of pace and use a different part of my brain for a little bit. I can’t wait to translate all of the new stuff to your projects when I do come back. For now I just want to say a belated THANK YOU to everyone for all your continuous trust, love and support. A big shout out to all my vendors, followers, friends, family, fellow business owners I’ve met along the way (I see your hustle!) – and most importantly all of my amazing clients! I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you! See you soon!